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Illustration of the Gushers logo colours splashing from a black megaphone onto a yellow background.Illustration of the Gushers logo colours splashing from a black megaphone onto a yellow background.

unleash your voice

Black Voices Create aims to amplify the work of young Black creators in social and digital spaces, fashion, and the arts by providing access, exposure and financial compensation to increase their value in the space.

Collage of Model Victor Kunda modelling fashion items from Black fashion designers alongside various apparel items.

black voices create fashion capsule

Black creators differentially create and shape culture but are undervalued for their contributions. Since 2020, Gushers’ goal has been to close the value gap for young Black creators through its Black Voices Create platform.

We’ve partnered with premier streetwear publication, Hypebeast, to identify three up-and-coming Black fashion designers and showcase their work in the first-ever, Black Voices Create fashion capsule lookbook. We paired these designers up with an established team of professionals in the fashion space, model Victor Kunda, photographer Nayquan Shuler, and stylist Justin Boone, to bring these looks to life.

meet the designers

behind the designs

A collage of four images featuring Black creators, including a photo from the NAACP awards & Gushers' panelists on stage.

NAACP partnership

To bring heightened awareness to issues impacting Black youth, we’ve also partnered with the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Youth & College Division. Our multi-year financial commitment to the NAACP helps fund campaigns that promote education, equality, and safety, and programs that increase leadership development and recruitment.