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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You’re a 90s fruit snack company! Why are you speaking out?

A: We realize we are a fruit snack brand that posts memes, and that some people didn’t expect us to speak out. Ultimately, we believe systemic racism isn’t something that can be solved simply or alone – it requires everyone’s participation – and we chose to respond in support of our consumers and the many Black creators we’ve partnered with.

Q: Can you share more on why you are partnering with the NAACP?

A: The NAACP Youth & College Division serves over 25,000 people under the age of 25 across all 50 states. With teens being Gushers’ & Fruit by the Foot’s biggest audience, we are proud to be partnering with an organization that supports young Black leaders. Through our partnership, the NAACP Youth & College Division will be able to bring heightened awareness to important issues affecting Black youth today, like combating racial injustice and increasing voter education. The financial support will help fund programs to increase leadership development, recruitment, and organizing for campaigns promoting education, equality and safety.

Q: Over the summer you raised $400k, where will that money go?

A: Thanks to our influencer partners and engagement of our fans on TikTok, we raised $400K for the NAACP Youth & College Division. That donation will go towards creation and hiring new positions within the organization, a New Activist training series in March, and sponsoring NAACP Youth & College memberships for teens and young adults.

Q: Why is Gushers encouraging people to attend NAACP Youth & College Trainings? Where can I go to attend these trainings?

A: As part of our partnership, we’re committed to make the NAACP Youth & College Division accessible to more teens and young adults. The NAACPYC March Beyond the Madness New Activist Trainings are a great place to learn from experts and organizers about social justice and civic engagement. Training sessions will be held every Tuesday in March 2021 from 8-9:30pm EST. Register ASAP using this link and follow @naacpyc on all social platforms for more info.

Q: How can I participate & support?

A: It’s easy! Here are three steps how:

1) FOLLOW - Follow our amazing influencer partners on TikTok: @taylorcassidyj, @zirab, @jonathanbynoe & @jailynisfeliz. Also follow the NAACP Youth & College Division on Instagram (@naacpyc_). Check out their content and join the movement!

2) ENGAGE - Like and share videos from our influencer partners on TikTok and the NAACP Youth & College Division. Register for March NAACPYC trainings here, which will occur every Tuesday at 8pm EST in March.

3) ELEVATE - Join us in this commitment to continue elevating young Black voices by:

  • Diversify your social media feeds
  • Repost content from and giving credit to Black creators
  • Share your own message about the power of what #BlackVoicesCreate on social media